Forget what you know about high school

It is not about reciting facts or “knowing” the right answer. This is the age of AI. The three Rs in education now include the three Cs of Curiosity, Context, and Creativity. At Waldorf, our AI is Active Intelligence. Amazing Ingenuity. We embody Albert Einstein’s quote, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” 

Be part of a Brighter, Bolder Future.

this is where you belong

Our Students Are Seen

Small class sizes and close teacher-student relationships provide an optimal learning environment where students are seen as individuals, challenged to achieve high standards, and encouraged to explore their passions. Our goal is to enable students to become balanced, life-affirming, compassionate individuals with the skills and confidence needed to meet the future.

And Known

A Waldorf High School Education

Our new Waldorf High School building in North Boulder is state-of-the-art among the 1,200 global Waldorf schools. As we celebrate 40 years of Shining Mountain Waldorf education in Boulder, we affirm one of our founding values: A Waldorf education will be affordable to every family who desires it.

Through the generosity of our alum and donors, we’re inviting students to join with tuition assistance for all.

Affordable for Everyone

94% of Waldorf graduates attend college or university.
42% of Waldorf graduates choose Science or Math as a major.
1200 International Waldorf Schools
65% of Families Receive Tuition Assistance
To promote economic diversity.
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Beyond Academic Requirements for College

High school is more than four years. It is learning to learn for life. It is achievement and life-changing experiences, critical thinking, and innovative work. At Shining Mountain, the Waldorf High School experience is built on four pillars: Experiential Learning, Arts Integration, Global and Local Impact, and the SMWS Explore project — a self-directed, mentor-supported learning program that culminates with a Capstone project.

Confidence for Life

Our new state-of-the-art high school building opens Spring 2024
Shining Mountain Waldorf School celebrates 40 years in Boulder
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Affordable for everyone

How do you encourage individuality, intellect, and imagination? Or prepare a student not just for college acceptance but self-acceptance and confidence for life?

It’s in the Waldorf pedagogy. It’s in the classrooms. You can see it in the students and feel it from the teachers.

If that’s what you want from high school, you belong here.

As we open our new state-of-the-art Waldorf high school building, we’re making tuition affordable for everyone.

Flexible Tuition

Thanks to the remarkable generosity of our donors, Waldorf education is accessible to any family that desires it.

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Shining Mountain Waldorf School Unveils New High School Campus in North Boulder: Grand Opening Event Friday, May 10, 2024