11th Grade German Students Perform “Bremer Stadtmusikanten”

By Grace Remmert, 11th Grade Shining Mountain Waldorf School This year, the Shining Mountain Waldorf 11th grade German class put on a production of the “Bremer Stadtmusikanten,” a fairy tale published by the Brothers Grimm in 1819. It is about four animals—a donkey, a dog, a cat, and a rooster. All of the animals come […]

New video from AWSNA, the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America

Waldorf: An Education for the Future On September 19, 2019, Waldorf education celebrates 100 years. Across the globe, Waldorf schools are engaging in creative, social and environmental actions. With these initiatives, Waldorf communities are seeding the future. 100 years is only the beginning. Visit https://www.waldorfeducation.org/waldorf100 to learn more. Join the movement. Seed the future.

[WE Talk] David Sloan – On the Art and Heart of Waldorf Teaching

Nita Davanzo: Hello and welcome to WE Talk, a podcast that explores the role of Waldorf education in helping children, parents, and families thrive in an ever-changing world. WE Talk is brought to you by Shining Mountain Waldorf school and this is your host, Nita June Davanzo. Hello and welcome my dear WE Talk listeners. […]

How Meaningful Movement Supports Literacy

Silks in the classroom ready for the day’s work. Photo by Mayme Acklen.

By Kristan Stephens, Lark Song Kindergarten Teacher A question that often arises from parents who are interested in learning more about Waldorf education for their young child is, “Will the children be prepared for academic learning in the grades?” Our answer is always a resounding “Yes!” Waldorf education offers children experiences that are developmentally appropriate […]

Benefits of Play in the Early Childhood

Photo by SMWS parent, Brian Solano.

By Kristan Stephens, Lark Song Kindergarten Teacher One of the foundational principles of our kindergarten program is that play is the best way to enable young children to learn and develop. Rudolph Steiner believed, and current research shows, that play promotes healthy development of foundational skills including self-regulation, language, cognition, and social competence. As children […]

Developing the Sense of Touch with Natural Materials

By Kristan Stephens, Lark Song Kindergarten Teacher Often one of the favorite elements of the kindergarten experience is the attention to providing a beautiful and natural aesthetic. At first glance, the beauty of the classroom may just seem to be a surface experience, but it goes much deeper than that. While Waldorf kindergarten classrooms are […]

Simple Ideas for Gardening as a Family

By Kristan Stephens, Lark Song Kindergarten Teacher As the summer season is upon us, I invite families to take the time to create a small garden at their home so you can share in the wonder of tending a garden together. At school, the children have many opportunities in the kindergarten and through the grades […]

Discover Waldorf Education

Discover Waldorf Education

Shining Mountain Waldorf School is committed to offering a comprehensive education that caters to the physical, emotional, and intellectual growth of our students. Our multi-disciplinary approach integrates science, art, mathematics, music, and outdoor education for a broad-based experience. If you are seeking a school that fosters authenticity, analytical and creative thinking, and a sense of community, take the first step and learn more about our school.

Shining Mountain Waldorf School Unveils New High School Campus in North Boulder: Grand Opening Event Friday, May 10, 2024