Contact Directory

Shining Mountain Waldorf School
999 Violet Avenue
Boulder, CO 80304 USA

TOLL FREE:  877-679-7582

Lower School:
Tel. 303-444-7697
Fax: 303-444-7701

High School:
Tel: 303-447-1973
Fax: 303-447-1917

School Director, Jane Zeender
Ext: 129
Direct Dial: 303-951-8536

Admissions and Marketing Director, Mary Eaton Fairfield
Ext: 115
Direct Dial: 303-951-8579

Lower School Administrator, Anne Nadelson
Ext: 128
Direct Dial: 303-951-8568


Athletics Director, Mike Hawkes
Ext. 134
Direct Dial: 303-951-8572


Business Director, Tim Daulter
Ext: 107
Direct Dial: 303-951-8573

Bookkeeper, Accounts Receivable and Payable, Johna Dickerson
Ext: 192
Direct Dial: 303-951-8535

Scrip Manager, Johna Dickerson
Ext: 108
Direct Dial: 303-951-8535

Database Administrator and Community Notes, Anita Li
Ext: 104
Direct Dial: 303-951-8554  

Development Director, Kimberly Rector
Ext: 110
Direct Dial: 303-951-8583

Grounds and Facilities Departments

Facilities Manager, Paul Boak
Ext: 193
Direct Dial: 303-951-8577

Grounds Manager, Jon Ray Gardner

High School Administration

High School Receptionist, Bridget Gallagher
Direct Dial: 303-447-1973

College Counselor, Stacy Hernandez

High School Education Support Director, Stephanie Hindes
Ext. 189
Direct Dial: 303-951-8567