Empowering Digital Navigators

Cyber Civics at Shining Mountain Waldorf School

As screens and media become integral to our lives, Shining Mountain Waldorf School is at the forefront, equipping students to be ethical, responsible, safe, compassionate, and courageous members of both real-life and digital realms. Join us in shaping future leaders with a keen understanding of technology and a thoughtful approach to joining the online world.

Cyber Civics is an essential component of the three-year middle school curriculum at Shining Mountain Waldorf School. Cyber Civics is an award-winning, three-year digital literacy program taught in 48 United States and internationally; the course was created by Diana Graber, teacher and author of the book, “Raising Humans in a Digital World.” 

Prepared Students: This program meets an urgent and growing need to prepare students to be ethical, safe, and productive digital citizens. Cyber Civics begins in grade 6 with Digital Citizenship, then Information Literacy in Grade 7, and Media Literacy For Positive Participation in grade 8.  Rooted in interpersonal skills before technical prowess, the curriculum fosters critical thinking, empathy, and responsible digital engagement.

Emerging AI: As technology advances all around us, our program proactively prepares students for intelligently engaging with emerging AI tools. Our focus is on ensuring that they grasp and navigate the practicalities, intricacies, and ethics of the ever-evolving technological landscape.

Staying Safe: Across three years, students acquire essential skills, such as online privacy, respectful communication, and ethical decision-making. The curriculum goes beyond theory, engaging students with real-world scenarios to actively apply critical digital literacy skills. Through practical examples and hands-on activities, the program engages students in scenarios that require them to apply core skills. By honing these skills in the classroom, students are better prepared to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape, promoting not only their online safety but also their overall well-being in an increasingly interconnected world.

Why Cyber Civics Matters:

  • – Digital Empowerment: Equip students to navigate the online world with confidence and intelligence.
  • – Critical Digital Literacy: Cultivate critical thinking, empathy, and ethical decision-making in the digital landscape.
  • – Real-world Preparedness: Ready students for the challenges of the modern world, providing essential skills for online and offline interactions.
  • – Holistic Digital Education: Seamlessly integrate Cyber Civics into a Shining Mountain Waldorf education, addressing timely topics aligned with students’ developmental stages.
  • – Future-ready Leadership: Bridge the digital divide by producing leaders proficient in technology yet grounded in interpersonal skills and human agency.


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- Sarah Gillis, SMWS Class of 2012 and Sr. Space Operations Engineer at SpaceX

“I feel like one of the really important things that you get out of a Waldorf education is curiosity—curiosity to go and learn and explore what’s out there in the world. I fell into engineering and a path that I don’t think I would have anticipated, but having an arts background where you’re bringing creativity and imagination into problem-solving, there’s a really incredible synergy between those.”

- Sarah Gillis, SMWS Class of 2012 and Sr. Space Operations Engineer at SpaceX

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