Our Story

Shining Mountain Waldorf School would like to welcome you to our school. We are a community based
school at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in sunny Boulder, Colorado.

Shining Mountain Curriculum Pre-K to 12

The Shining Mountain Waldorf curriculum is designed to meet your child as they grow and develop.
Watch these videos to learn about this rich curriculum from early childhood to high school.

Early Childhood Curriculum

The Shining Mountain Kindergarten is a mixed age, play-based school where imagination and exploration create a foundation for learning in your child. Watch this video to learn more. 4:30

Carma Feigal

The young child…really learns through imitation.

Carma FeigalEarly Childhood

Lower School Curriculum

The Shining Mountain Lower School curriculum takes your child from the early age of imagination and imitation to a rich immersion in world cultures, culminating in the study of the Greeks. Watch this video to learn about the journey for grades one to five. 6:02

Dorothea Altgelt

What is already living in them is the beauty of education.

Dorothea AltgeltLower School

Middle School Curriculum

The Shining Mountain Middle School uses an innovative approach to Waldorf Education by having middle school teachers take over from the grades teachers at sixth grade. They then take the students for three years, sixth to eighth grade. Watch this video to learn more about the middle school journey. 4:10

Meg Gardner

I witness the child taking off the protective hood of childhood.

Meg GardnerMiddle School

High School Curriculum

The Shining Mountain High School is the place where your student will witness the flowering of their education. The high school curriculum follows the development of student with their ability to move from absolute to abstract thought and reasoning. The high school pedagogy is aimed at helping each student to discover meaning and their own unique place in the world. Watch this video to learn more. 4:30

Dr. Lawrence Mathews

When I cannot know my students well, I cannot teach them well.

Dr. Lawrence MathewsHigh School

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