SMWS student finalist in US Round of International Olympiad

Photo by Paula Blum

Shining Mountain Waldorf School 10th grader, Becca Blum, is one of 14 students from across the USA to make it into the US round of the International German Olympiad (IDO – Internationale Deutscholympiade). The IDO is the largest German language contest in the world. Every two years, students from around the world gather in Germany […]

#SMWHSArtExhibition on Instagram

The first piece in the SMWHS Online Art Exhibition 2017-18, created by Fiona Katz in the 9th Grade fine art course Light and Dark. Fiona used ink on paper to complete this contour line drawing exercise.

Waldorf Education – Art Show! On Wednesday, November 8th, we began the Shining Mountain Waldorf High School Online Art Exhibition 2017-18. Over the next year, we’ll feature 53 photographs of original fine art course work on our Instagram profile @shiningmountainwaldorf. The work in the exhibition was created during the 2016-17 academic year from students in […]

Raising Balanced Kids in the Digital Age

How to raise grounded and self-aware children within the distractions of the internet and digital media… without power struggles An evening with Michael Vladeck In this incredible presentation, Michael Vladeck will teach you how to parent in a way that will bring your children back into a place of balance and personal connection in the […]

8th Grade Canoe Trip

Photo by Craig Rubens

By Samantha Collins, 8th Grader at Shining Mountain On Tuesday, September 19th the 8th grade of Shining Mountain Waldorf School set out on an amazing trip. After a three-hour drive over the mountains to Lake Granby, we all had a delightful dinner at the Sagebrush Inn where we could throw peanut shells on the ground, […]

Simplifying Schedules with Children

Photo by Jason Sperling

As our children grow, there are so many ways for them to take interest in the world! In this engaging presentation, come and discover the benefits of bringing more awareness and balance to children’s schedules to better serve their needs. Share in meaningful conversation with other parents and learn about the value of downtime and […]

Who Are the New Teens of the New Millenium?

Photo by Kevin Rose

Teachers and therapists — and also advertisers and social volunteers — report that the present generation of adolescents is bringing into the world today extraordinary gifts along with strident and sometimes alarming needs. Specifically, we can see in them heightened nervous sensitivities accompanied by crippled capacities of metabolism and will. How are we to address […]

Support for Member Schools in Puerto Rico and Mexico

From the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America Dear Waldorf Community Members, Thank you for the outpouring of concern and support for our schools in Puerto Rico and Mexico. As you can imagine, the affected communities are still picking up the pieces, grappling with immediate necessities, and trying to understand the long-term needs of […]

Language, Love and Learning: An Interview with Jonathan Ford, class of 1999


Please share a brief bio. I moved to Boulder when I was 11, starting at SMWS in the 5th grade, and eventually graduating from SMWHS in 1999. After that, I spent a year studying abroad at the American University in Cairo before starting a bachelors at the University of California, Berkeley. At Cal, I graduated with honors with a degree […]

Halloween Wonder Walk 2017 – Buy Tickets Now


The Halloween Wonder Walk is a reverent, inwardly stirring event created for our children that none of us is too old to enjoy! This magical event is a gift to our children presented by the parents and faculty of Shining Mountain Waldorf School. How It Works The Halloween Wonder Walk is a much-loved tradition at Shining Mountain. Angel guides […]

Serving the Global Community – An interview with Bryce Wilson, class of 2011

Bryce Wilson-4

Can you share a brief bio? I’m a lifelong Waldorfian. From 3-day kindergarten to the SMWS high school class of 2011, I was granted the incredible opportunity to learn and grow in one of the most exceptional educational philosophies that our world has to offer. My family and I moved from Southern California in 2006, […]