Deutschfest by Frau Blum, MS and HS German teacher

To celebrate National German Week, the whole high school feasted on delicious German food. Tables decorated with the blue and white Bavarian flag and German Oompahpah music added to the atmosphere. Frau Blum had cooked with all the HS German classes on Wednesday and Thursday to prepare the food. Seniors, Gray Hill, Mattijs Ossorio and Hans Moser grilled all the brats, hotdogs and Smartdogs. To go with these, the students made Kartoffelsalat ( potato salad), Gurkensalat (cucumber salad), grünen Salat (green salad), Peace­Jam­Salat (using the enormous squash and swiss chard from the HS Peace Jam garden) and Sauerkraut. For dessert, there were a variety of cakes: schlesischer Apfelkuchen mit Streuseln (Apple Crumble Cake), verrückter Apfelkuchen (crazy apple cake), Bentheimer Kuchen (a cake made with almonds), feiner Österreichischer Marillenkuchen (fine Austrian apricot cake) and glutenfreier Schokokuchen (glutenfree chocolate cake).

The beautiful fall weather added to the Deutschfest. It was great for the high schoolers to spend the lunchtime together eating. Thank you to everyone who baked, peeled, chopped, shopped and grilled.

Photos outside by Riona Gipple
Photos in kitchen by Paula Blum