Poem by Shanti Berman, 8th grader, at Rose Ceremony, June 10, 2022

A Poem to My Class

By Shanti Berman, 8th grade student, delivered to the Shining Mountain Waldorf School community during the Rose Ceremony, June 10, 2022

He left

She came

They stayed.

The numbers are moving and moved and move

30 and 24

But it is not the same

They sing, they dance, they play, they learn,

She comes back

He leaves forever

The grass is green and the soft air smells of new beginnings

To feel is only to let go

Let it slip through your hand like 

Grains of sand, like water, like a new silk that is wrapped around the shoulders of their past

It is slipping away, catch it before it falls.

The wind brings memories they say

Listening to a story

The feel of beeswax under his, her, their fingernails

And the way that white shirt will forever carry watercolor paint,

Stained with voices

The colors weave our past 

Monsters and mermaids and magic are interlaced with our fingers

Every time you sew a stitch or carve a chip of wood

Your, their, her, his, fingers sing

But don’t let it slip through your hands

Not yet.

Close your eyes and feel the flower crown in your hair.

To be silent is to talk but they know that

To cry to laugh,

She is leaving, this time forever

He never left

Why do some things never change?

When they run, when they speak, when they cry

It sticks but it is running through my, your, their fingers

But to walk is to understand 

Is to know that 

The water, the sand, the silk,

Aren’t lost but traveling, and singing, and playing, and dancing, and learning, and laughing

And to move like numbers like 30 and 24

Is a new beginning

And the water is an ocean

You, they, her, him, me

We remembered.

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