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Builders’ Bridge Scholarship

In preparation to expand our vision for a new high school, the Builders’ Bridge Scholarship is designed to support students and their families in joining this foundational community at pioneer pricing.

Scholarship recipients will demonstrate a commitment to principles of social justice, environmental regeneration, global citizenship, and student leadership. They will be initiators, connectors, and visionaries in their current institutions and interested in making an impact locally and globally.

Shining Mountain invites prospective students to apply for the Builders’ Bridge Scholarship by January 7, 2022 (December 17, 2021 for current SMWS students). Please note: scholarship applications from outside the school can be considered only once an admissions application is received.

The Builders’ Bridge Scholarship at Shining Mountain Waldorf High School: What You Need to Know

What is the amount of the award? The award is $6,000 per year, renewable until the program is discontinued (e.g., 2024-25). This scholarship award may be combined with Tuition Assistance in cases of financial need.

Who is eligible to apply? The Builders’ Bridge Program is open to all students who will be in grades 9-12 for the 2022-23 school year; priority is given to current SMWS students, students from other Waldorf programs, and students who increase our diversity.

What is the process to apply? Students must submit a completed application form, portfolio, and essay. Applicants from outside of the Shining Mountain Waldorf community must undergo our standard admissions process prior to, or in conjunction with, the scholarship application.

On what criteria will recipients be chosen? In addition to the eligibility criteria, the Builders’ Bridge Committee will be looking for students who are in good academic standing, whose record supports the social health of their class and school, strength of portfolio, and response to the essay (how they will contribute to the vision of the high school and show up as an engaged and compassionate citizen in their community). Recommendations from teachers will also be considered.

What do we need to do if we are awarded a scholarship? Scholarship recipients will need to accept their award by signing an enrollment contract. Students will then need to maintain solid academic standing, strong attendance, and adhere to all school policies. They will be asked to participate in feedback sessions, outreach and recruitment activities, and other ambassadorship opportunities. There will be a simple renewal process in the spring of each year through which students highlight their engagement the previous year.

When is the deadline to apply? The deadline for the Enrollment Office to receive all application materials is December 17, 2021, for current SMWS families and January 7, 2022, for families enrolled at other schools. This is because class sizes are limited, and first priority is given to Shining Mountain students. Click here for the application form.

Class Plays

High School students begin their study of drama in the Comedy and Tragedy block in 9th grade. In 10th grade, a class play is performed, often Shakespeare or Moliere, or a modern comedy if the class has had a strong experience of Shakespeare in their 8th grade play. The Senior Play is the culmination of 12 years of ensemble dramatic production experience. Plays may be serious or lighthearted, with modern themes, imaginative staging, and strenuous acting roles. All students participate in a high school musical (Guys and Dolls, Crazy For You, Damn Yankees) every other year.

Spring Experiences

Every other year, when not performing the High School Musical, Shining Mountain High School students participate in their “Spring Experience Week”. This is a week of varied opportunities for our students. During this week the seniors are away on their Community Service Placements across the nation. Groups of 9th and 10th graders choose from a selection of activities inspired by their teachers’ passions. These mini-seminars, provided outside the regular classroom structure, are an avenue for the teachers to share their special interests with the students.  During the Spring Experience Week, the 11th graders will be preparing for their Mock Trials and presenting them to the students. (During the alternate year in which we are holding the All School Musical, the Mock Trials are held at a separate time. These trials are organized and mediated by the acclaimed mock trial team from the University of Denver Sturm School of Law, and are an exciting part of our Civics Course, giving the students a rich exposure to our legal system at work provided by in-depth role playing.)

Winter Dance and Prom

The National Honor Society students and Advisors organize a Winter Dance, held at SMWS and DJ’d by students, and a Prom, which is held in the spring and includes a formal dinner followed by dancing.  Both events are for the entire high school and their guests.

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