Shining Mountain Waldorf High School: Senior Projects 2022

At Shining Mountain and most other Waldorf high schools, each senior chooses an area of interest starting by the end of their junior year, finds and works with a mentor from the wider community, and immerses themself in an individual project for approximately six months. During the process, the student documents their learning both visually and in writing, honing their planning, time management, and communication skills. The projects culminate in March when the class presents their work to a general audience. Here are this year’s Class of 2022 Senior Project Presentations. Enjoy:

Sarita Novotny-Shandas: Composing Through the Evolution of Music

Sarita looked to Bach and other great composers in history to inform her original pieces for piano. 

Kamila Konik: Love:Clay

Kamila created a small business to market and sell her line of polymer clay fashion rings, Love:Clay.

Will Barnett: Novel Writing

Will wrote and published his first novel, A Sea Change, learning about what it means both to be an author and a publisher. 

Alberto Konik: Building a Guitar

Alberto (Beto) assembled and finished an electric guitar, based on his own passion for the instrumentLINK TO ALBERTO’S PRESENTATION

Georgia Nelson: Recording an Album

Georgia wrote and recorded an album of original songs, designed the cover art, and created a website for her music.

Calder Nadelson:

Calder researched, wrote, and designed a pamphlet for student athletes to help them set and adhere to realistic goals.


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