Support for Member Schools in Puerto Rico and Mexico

From the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America

Dear Waldorf Community Members,

Thank you for the outpouring of concern and support for our schools in Puerto Rico and Mexico. As you can imagine, the affected communities are still picking up the pieces, grappling with immediate necessities, and trying to understand the long-term needs of their students, teachers, families, and facilities.

In Puerto Rico, our member school and other initiatives do not yet have electricity or clean water and report damage to schoolyards, but thankfully no injuries, and their facilities are intact. In Mexico, Escuela Waldorf de Cuernavaca is not yet operational as they work through government processes and rebuild classrooms. In both Puerto Rico and Mexico our colleagues are physically exhausted and their communities are fragile.

As you may know, Escuela Micael, our member school, reached out for support in obtaining some very basic supplies like a generator and a water purification system. Washington Waldorf School, on behalf of the Southeast region, led a fundraising campaign last week and met the goal needed to supply the basic needs identified by the school. Thank you, Washington Waldorf School, for organizing this effort!

Many of you have asked how you can continue to help our sister schools as they work to open their doors to the children in their care, and care for the families in their communities. Thus, we wanted to share the following fundraising links with you. We invite you to share them with your communities.

Escuela Micael – Puerto Rico

Escuela Waldorf de Cuernavaca – Mexico

(Scroll down to the donations section for information on where and how to send funds)

Additionally, if your school is interested in temporarily hosting a displaced student by waiving tuition or providing housing for families please communicate with Beverly who will connect you with the school.

We will continue to keep you in the loop and report back on how our schools in Puerto Rico and Mexico are doing and what other needs might exist. In the meantime, please keep our colleagues in your thoughts.


Beverly, Melanie and Stephanie

The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA)

How Do I Find and Create Goodness For My Children?

Chalk Drawing by Sarah Altgelt
Chalk Drawing by Sarah Altgelt

Chalk Drawing by Sarah Altgelt

As at many Waldorf schools world wide, Shining Mountain celebrated the harvest festival of Michaelmas last week.

In our festival and in this season of Michaelmas, we face the approaching darkness of the year with courage to meet the darker days and places in ourselves symbolized by the dragon. The fire and fury of the dragon are strong in the world presently and increasingly so with each passing day it seems. We are called to face these challenging times with Michaelic courage to tame the dragon in the world. At the same time, we must know how to care for our children in these troubling times, to protect them from stories and images that can overwhelm them unnecessarily.

The article below from Susan Weber provides some guidance as to how to navigate these times with our children. It was written in 2011 but is still very relevant.

Read more

Is Waldorf Education For My High Schooler?



High School Open House

The Waldorf High School Curriculum: Guiding Students to Realize their Unique Potential

Thursday, October 5

High School Assembly Hall
1179 Union Avenue
Northwest Corner of Broadway and Union Avenue in Boulder

Please join us for an evening’s exploration of our curriculum presented by the Shining Mountain Waldorf High School faculty. All parents looking for an extraordinary high school experience for their student are cordially invited to attend this special evening.

The evening will include:

  1. An introduction to our High School faculty
  2. A sampler of academic and artistic lessons from the High School curriculum
  3. Discussions about how the Waldorf curriculum specifically meets the high school student in a developmentally appropriate way

The High School Open House presentation is intended for parents/guardians only.

High School Experience Day

Friday, October 6, 12:45-3:05pm

The High School Open House will be followed up with a High School Experience Day for 8th Grade Students on Friday afternoon, October 6th.

All Shining Mountain 8th grade students will participate in the Experience Day, and any interested 8th grade students from area schools are also warmly invited to attend. The students will sample the curriculum, meet the faculty, and talk with current SMWHS students.

Parents of potential visiting 8th grade students must attend the High School Open House on Thursday, October 5th.

For more information about either event contact:
Mary Eaton Fairfield, Admission Director | 303.951.8579

Shining Mountain Family to appear on Television Show “Shark Tank”



The Reamer Family will be appearing on the season premiere of ABC’s Shark Tank Sunday, October 1 at 8 PM EST. Scott and Megan Reamer (parents of Charlie in 2nd grade) are the founders of Jackson’s Honest Chips. The family was presented with the opportunity about six months ago and filmed their pitch in late June. The crew then selected them for an extended home package which was filmed three days before their oldest son Jackson passed away in Crested Butte.  The family is excited to have this platform to share Jackson’s story and continue to build his legacy.

For those of us who don’t watch much TV, here is an explanation of the show:

Budding entrepreneurs get the chance to bring their dreams to fruition in this reality show from executive producer Mark Burnett. They present their ideas to the sharks in the tank — five titans of industry who made their own dreams a reality and turned their ideas into lucrative empires. The contestants try to convince any one of the sharks to invest money in their idea. When more than one of the sharks decide they want a piece of the action, a bidding war can erupt, driving up the price of the investment.

Parents are encouraged to follow our media guidelines in regards to making a decision to share this show with their children.

The Inspiring Jackson Reamer

Jackson Reamer was an inspiration to all who knew him. His courage in the face of his extremely rare disease was exceeded only by his strength in managing and battling it. One of only seven diagnosed cases of his particular variant of Aicardi-Goutieres Syndrome, Jackson’s condition went undiagnosed for 12 years until the National Institute of Health was able to finally diagnose him in 2014. Jackson carried the burden of his disease as if it were a feather. Despite many physical hardships, he laughed often and easily and he smiled as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Being a witness to that, being on the receiving end of those smiles and laughs – humbled all those who knew and loved him. He has left behind in his parents,’ sisters’ and brother’s hearts an enduring spirit, an immeasurable fortitude and a profound sense of gratitude for having been able to love him. Although Jackson was unable to speak, he commanded a room and communicated precisely what his needs, wants, and feelings were to those around him.

His ability to communicate with his eyes was one of his greatest strengths. He was quite pushy in expressing his desire through noises and eye gaze. For instance, he clearly looked at his food when he wanted to eat, the door when he wanted to leave and his Broncos logo when he wanted to watch a game.

The highlight of his winter-aside from the Denver Broncos-was skiing with his family and the wonderful volunteers who work at the Adaptive Sports Center in Crested Butte, CO. In the summer, he loved to roam around Crested Butte in his wheelchair, take drives into the surrounding mountains, and play with his friends and family in the backyard. Over the past several years, Jackson spent his school years in Boulder, CO, while his family sought ongoing medical care at Children’s Hospital Colorado for his rare disease.

Jackson’s years in middle and high school in Boulder were an incredibly rewarding experience for him. Participating in football and basketball, homecoming dances, and spending time with his many school friends enriched his life in so many ways. Many times we caught glimpses of Jackson’s school life and the lives he touched in some way: maybe through his smile or his laugh, maybe because he was a good listener or maybe because he came along and had a great time when kids were ditching school to grab pizza or head to Pearl St. (yes, that happened more times than we knew about).

His legacy lives on in the company, the mission, and the movement of Jackson’s Honest Chips that his struggle founded. One day the joy and privilege of having him in our lives will surpass the pain of having lost him too early.

Watch us on the season premiere of SHARK TANK – October 1, 2017 at 8 pm EST!
For more info about the Jackson’s Honest product, story and mission, read this 2017 profile by The Denver Post, Jackson’s Honest owners turned a quest to save a child into a Colorado-fried potato-chip empire.

[Talk] Essentials of Waldorf Education – September 25



There is a profound design behind Waldorf Education. How does the genius of Steiner’s Waldorf curriculum meet our children’s needs and spirit at each stage of development? The Essentials of Waldorf Education talks explain the vision and philosophy underlying our curriculum.

This presentation by Dr. Lawrence Mathews, High School Chair, Science and Math Teacher, is foundational for all, especially new families. A parent from each new kindergarten family is required to attend the talk.

Monday, September 25
Mary B. Winston Atrium of the Festival Hall
999 Violet Avenue

Monday, September 25
High School Assembly Hall
1179 Union Avenue


Please RSVP to Mary Eaton Fairfield, Admission Director | 303.951.8579

Waldorf100: A New Film Celebrating 100 Years of Waldorf Education Around the World



From Waldorf Today:

The point of this film is to introduce the concept of the upcoming Waldorf100 Centennial in 2019-2020. The goal is to help families and schools around the world recognize that Waldorf education can, and does, have an important impact on the challenges we face in the world today.

Too often we get stuck focusing on our own school and its struggles, but there is a much larger ethos out there that we are all part of. Collectively we are working to change the world and make a better future.

The hope and aspiration of this Centennial event is not to simply have a big anniversary party. It’s to launch Waldorf education into the 21st Century with bold new sense of confidence and commitment to the future – a future that our children will help determine.

Paul Zehrer, Producer & Director, Waldorf100 – The Film

Visit the new Waldorf100 website here:

Daily Camera | Boulder County history: Shining Mountain school reflects on its past


8-28-16 | Enjoy this article from The Daily Camera featuring Shining Mountain’s early days!

Boulder County history:  Shining Mountain school reflects on its past


Shining Mountain Handwork Teacher Theresa Baker Featured on The Modern Domestique


theresa1The Modern Domestique has a new podcast out that features an interview with Theresa Baker, our handwork teacher at the Shining Mountain Waldorf School. Theresa talks about the importance of handwork, and how this educational philosophy not only teaches skills to the student, but also furthers cognitive development as the child grows.

theresa2Head on over to the The Modern Domestique blog to have a listen and to read more!

A Night to Remember | By Donna Remmert, Shining Mountain Grandparent


The Farm to Table 7th grade fundraising dinner on May 15th was enchanting for my husband Jim and me, grandparents to Grace Remmert. In spite of the cold weather and threatening rain, or maybe because of it, it was a marvelous event, full of many special touches:

While waiting for the bus at the school, we listened to classical music played by a few members of the school’s orchestra, and we were offered delicious appetizers on a silver tray that were made and served by smiling 7th graders. At the Light Root farm, we stepped onto straw bales and hoisted ourselves into a wagon pulled by two of the horses that reside at the farm. On our way up the hill, we marveled at a 3-day old, wobbly-legged calf following his proud mother in a field where they were grazing. Even before seeing our party site, the aroma of cooking food and the spirited bluegrass music wafted through the air to announce that we’d arrived.

It was magical! There were candle-burning lanterns hanging from the trees, toasty-warm bonfires and an outdoor oven that was about to be loaded with pizzas made with an assortment of organic veggies, meats and the farm’s homemade cheese. Our tables were dressed with real tablecloths, real plates and real cutlery, luxurious yet comfortably casual.

A team of beautiful and hard-working seventh graders wearing colorful aprons served us an amazing assortment of “mocktails” and some really impressive appetizers that they’d made. Then, while sharing stories with the kids, their teachers, parents and grandparents, we feasted on the best gluten free pizza I’ve ever tasted, straight from the oven and still bubbling.

In between dinner and a very yummy fruit cobbler dessert and homemade ice cream from the farm, I couldn’t resist getting up to dance. I wasn’t the only one. I think our hearts were overflowing with a sense of good fortune for being a part of Shining Mountain, a school that is so alive with love. As a grandparent, it confirmed that yes, all’s right with the world.

Thank you to the kids who served us, the parents and teachers who helped, and to the generous farmers who welcomed us on their land.

Photo Credits: Kevin Rose, Zuri Rose, Mary Fairfield, Kylie Booth

News from AWSNA


As one of AWSNA’s many efforts to increase the visibility of Waldorf Education and provide a national voice on education and reform by increasing their digital presence, AWSNA has launched a new blog called “Essentials of Education”.

AWSNA invites you to subscribe, and to share the blog broadly in your social media forums. Go here to subscribe:

Go here to read the most recent blog post, “The Benefits of Productive Solitude”:…/importance-of-productiv…/